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Fresno County

District Attorney, Sheriff, Health Dept., and/or Board of Supervisors:

Notes relating to discussion of Board of Supervisors (2000), no action taken. Also a letter from the DA (2001) stating that no documentation exists. Sheriff (2004) county ordinance making dispensaries illegal.

Police Departments:

Clovis PD (2002): No "special policy." Update (2003): No documents

Coalinga PD: No documents

Firebaugh PD (2002): No documents

Fowler PD (2002): No documents. Update (2003): "We have had no cases related to Medical Marijuana."

Fresno PD (2002): No documents. Update (2003): No documents, "Our officers follow the rules and guidelines prescribed under California law."

Huron PD: No documents

Kerman PD (2002): No documents. Update (2003): No documents

Kingsburg PD (2002): No documents. Update (2003): "To my knowledge, we have never had a case involving a person who claimed marijuana for medical reasons."

Parlier PD: No documents

Reedley PD: No documents

Selma PD (2002): No documents

Official County Website:



Help Needed

This audit needs your help. If you have any original documents pertaining to implementation and compliance of HSC §11362.5 also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, please forward a legible copy to the address below for it to be incorporated into this project.

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We appreciate your help in this matter.