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Marin County

District Attorney, Sheriff, Health Dept., and/or Board of Supervisors:

Letters of support from County Supervisors (2000), letter from Supervisors to representatives in support of HSC§11362.5. Guidelines from Sheriff (2000) Also contains documents from DA (2001) authorizing police to enforce federal law when it comes to medical marijuana. DA's (2002) newest policy.

Health Department (2001) Implementation Also updated with (2002) Medical Marijuana Photo ID Card Program, Frequently Asked Questions.


Police Departments:

Belvedere PD (2002): Info from Health Dept. Implementation

Fairfax PD (2002): Reference to a proposed policy

Mill Valley PD (2002): Mill Valley Medical Marijuana Guidelines

Novato PD (2002): Special Order 0207. Update (2003): General Order 03-05

Ross PD (2002): Info regarding DA's policies

San Anselmo PD (2002): Follows DA's policies. Update (2003): No new documents

San Rafael PD (2002): Marin County DA's policies and info regarding Health Dept's implementation

Sausalito PD (2002): No documents

Tiburon PD (2002): No documents, follows safety code

Twin Cities (2002): Will honor Health Dept's IDs. Update (2003): Sent Marin County Medical Marijuana Policy

Official County Website:


Help Needed

This audit needs your help. If you have any original documents pertaining to implementation and compliance of HSC §11362.5 also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, please forward a legible copy to the address below for it to be incorporated into this project.

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PO Box 9143
Berkeley, CA 94709

We appreciate your help in this matter.