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Monterey County

District Attorney, Sheriff, Health Dept., and/or Board of Supervisors:

Board of Supervisors (2000), no documents. An outline from the DA (2001) laying his office's view of the law and its interpretation. Update from Sheriff (2003), no new documents. Sheriff (2004) still no documentation.

Police Departments:

Carmel PD: No documents. Update (2003): No documents

Del Rey Oaks PD (2001): No documents

Gonzales PD: No documents

Greenfield PD: No documents

King City PD (2001): Lockyer's list of local implementations. Update (2003): No new documents

Marina PD (2002): No policies or guidelines

Monterey PD (2002): Memo from Police Command laying out the law as an affirmative defense

Pacific Grove PD (2002): No documents

Saint Helena PD (2002): No documents

Salinas PD (2002): No documents

Sand City PD (2002): No documents

Seaside PD (2002): No documents

Soledad PD (2002): No documents


Official County Website:



Help Needed

This audit needs your help. If you have any original documents pertaining to implementation and compliance of HSC §11362.5 also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, please forward a legible copy to the address below for it to be incorporated into this project.

#Attn. Webmaster
PO Box 9143
Berkeley, CA 94709

We appreciate your help in this matter.