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San Diego County

District Attorney, Sheriff, Health Dept., and/or Board of Supervisors:

Board of Supervisors (2000) no documents. Sheriff (2000) training bulletin with standardized questions to ask when presented with a medical marijuana case. DA (2001) No documents. Sheriff (2003) nothing new. Sheriff (2004) sent Marijuana Citation Program information and documentation disallowing medicinal cannabis while in custody.

Police Departments:

Carlsbad PD (2002): No documents

Chula Vista PD (2002): No documents

Coronado PD (2002): No documents

El Cajon PD (2002): No documents

Escondido PD (2002): Follows AG and DA. Update (2003): No new documents

La Mesa PD (2002): No documents. Update (2003): Sent portions of four legal update bulletins provided by the San Diego County District Attorney's Office that are available for review by officers.

National City PD (2002): No documents. Update (2003): No documents

Oceanside PD: No documents. Update (2003): Lawful Use/Cultivation of Medical Marijuana

San Diego PD (2002): Documents suggesting an affirmative defense.


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Help Needed

This audit needs your help. If you have any original documents pertaining to implementation and compliance of HSC §11362.5 also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, please forward a legible copy to the address below for it to be incorporated into this project.

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We appreciate your help in this matter.